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A deliciously dark comedy about the horrors of social paranoia. Check out the trailer for Andrew Gaynord’s debut feature ‘ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME.’ 

The film tells the exquisitely uncomfortable tale of a birthday-party which takes an unexpected turn, set in a mansion riddled with skewered, squirmy British, thirtysomething neuroses. It hilariously confronts the anxiety-ridden question shelved away at the back of all our minds – what are our friends really thinking? 

Watch the trailer here ↓ 

All My Friends Hate Me is directed by Andrew Gyanord and written by Tom Palmer and Tom Storuton. The screenplay was featured on the Brit List 2018 and held its world premiere at Tribeca 2021, subsequently screening at London Film Festival that October. 

Go see it in cinemas from the 10th of June!

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