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Combatting the housing crisis, sharing ice cream and enjoying, not one, but two debut feature films.

Andrew Gaynord - Shelter

To highlight the rental emergency, Shelter and Andrew Gaynord let a rogue letting agent loose on the UK high street. 

The scarily true-to-life campaign by Pablo London is part of Shelter’s wider initiative to lobby the government to address the housing crisis, which currently puts millions of renters at risk.

Amelia Hashemi - Cadbury's Dark Milk Ice Cream for Grown Ups 

An ice cream is never just an ice cream.

Amelia Hashemi tells the story of a father caught off-guard by the tongue-in-cheek kindness of his daughter. After all, a clean shed merits just reward, Cadbury’s Dark Milk Ice Cream, for grown ups. 

MindsEye produced this film for VCCP.

Andrew Gaynord - All My Friends Hate Me 

A deliciously dark comedy about the horrors of social paranoia. Check out the trailer for Andrew Gaynord’s debut feature, ‘ALL MY FRIENDS HATE ME.’ 

The exquisitely uncomfortable, hilariously surprising film was written by Tom Palmer and Tom Stourton and held its world premiere at Tribeca 2021. 

Go see it in cinemas on the 10th of June. Don’t forget to tell your friends (and perhaps play close attention to how they respond.) 

Sammi Cohen - Crush

Sammi Cohen’s debut feature, ‘CRUSH’, is here and queer! 

‘CRUSH’ is a coming-of-age romantic comedy in which an aspiring artist is torn between track and field tryouts, getting into art school and two, intense high school crushes. 

Check it out on Hulu and Disney+ now!