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BBC - 15 Seconds of Fame

Jim Archer directs a tongue-in-cheek campaign starring the brilliant Phil Wang, offering fans of the BBC the opportunity to (almost) star in their favourite TV shows, to commemorate the iconic institution’s 100th birthday. 

Made with BBC Creative.

Jim Archer’s Reel 

Läkerol - Makes People Talk

“Läkerol makes people talk.” The Swedish company’s long-time tagline is brought into the modern day by, ironically, taking it into the middle ages. Gustav Sundström reimagines a normal night out as a cinematic, rallying call to arms.

Gustav Sundström’s Reel

Quorn - What Alternative

Jim Archer puts on a puppet show for Quorn, as a set of endearing puppets tug at the heartstrings of those on the fence about going meat-free. 

This film was made with Adam&EveDDB.

Jim Archer’s Reel 

BBC — 15 Seconds of Fame

Jim Archer

Läkerol — Makes People Talk

Gustav Sundström

Quorn — What Alternative?

Jim Archer