This is EyeCandy. It’s a home for big industry names, before they’ve become big industry names. These directors make music videos, commercials, short films, social content and everything in between.

MindsEye is passionate about producing bold, entertaining and original film and television content for global audiences. We pride ourselves as being a home for talent to flourish, a place where artistic integrity and authored work will always be championed. 

Established in 2019 by MindsEye MD Hughie Philips, MindsEye’s Film & TV division marks a collaboration between the award-winning commercials production company and Producer Katie Mavroleon, to make quality TV and Film for the UK and International markets.

Committed to joining forces with some of the best established and emerging talent, MindsEye makes scripted TV and Film with one shared goal: to bring the boldest, most unique, and surprising stories to screen.


Short Film: Good Boy

Writer/Director: Eros Vlahos

Starring: Patricia Allison

Luna is an unwitting first-time dog sitter who finds herself in the home of a puppy-obsessed couple. But, as the night goes on and Luna tries to discipline this attention-thirsty pooch, she soon discovers that this dog is by no means a “good boy,” but rather a methodical killing machine with a thirst for human blood. This is a comedy-horror short film that’s high energy, unpredictable and wildly entertaining.

From the curious mind of exciting young writer/director Eros Vlahos, whose previous shorts have made their debuts at SXSW Festival.

In Development

TV: The Moth Club

Writer: Stephanie Aspin
Director: Ben Taylor

MindsEye / Anyway Productions / BBC Studios

The Moth Club tells the true, unfiltered story of the S.O.E – a team of maverick underdogs that risked their lives to free the world from the grip of the Nazis. This is a riotous and unconventional action-comedy-drama TV series, in which misfits become heroes.

Director Ben Taylor (Sex EducationCatastrophe) and writer Stephanie Aspin (Dangerous Liaisons) deliver an anarchic and contemporary show celebrating this band of outsiders as the loud, sexy, queer and complicated individuals they truly were.

Film: Champion

Writer: Winsome Pinnock

Champion is an inspiring feature film based on the true story of 1920s British Boxing sensation Len Johnson; a man born into extreme adversity who overcame the odds stacked against him. The best middleweight boxer of his time, Johnson was forced to fight both in and out of the ring, when the authorities denied him his rightful title purely because he was black. 

Inspired by the book, Boxing’s Uncrowned Champion by Rob Howard, acclaimed writer, “the godmother of Black British playwrights”, Winsome Pinnock brings this universal, uplifting and timeless tale to screen. Champion will be executive produced by veteran film producer Guy East (Rush, Ides of March, End of Watch).

TV: Priceless

Writer: Stephanie Aspin
Director: Ben Taylor

Set in the Wild West of the illegal art market, Priceless is a darkly comic thriller about the people tasked with recovering the world’s stolen masterpieces. This TV series centres on the unlikely partnership of Felix Watkins, a disillusioned detective and his partner, a young, determined, but totally inexperienced Insurance Investigator, Kaiya Perlman. 

Director Ben Taylor (Sex EducationCatastrophe) and writer Stephanie Aspin (Dangerous Liaisons) deliver an exhilarating show of heists, stakeouts and sleight of hand, set to an international backdrop of astonishing crime and priceless art.

Film: Hey Baby

Writer/Director: Sophia Di Martino
Producer: Michelle Antoniades

MindsEye / Hazey Jane Films

Hey Baby is a swaggering, queer, female-led relationship comedy about a rebellious, working class misfit hero Nina Gunner. Set in a romanticised version of Manchester, this is the story of Nina’s personal crisis after her girlfriend Irene becomes pregnant with their baby. Told through the eyes of a lovable, funny, flawed and gutsy woman, boxing her way through life, Sophia Di Martino (Loki / Flowers) will star as Nina, a woman who is working class, who is from the North, and who is gay.

Hey Baby is produced by 2022 Star of Tomorrow Michelle Antoniades, who scooped the breakthrough producer award at the 2021 BIFAs for her debut feature Sweetheart by writer director Marley Morrison (Tell Me Everything.)

TV: Broke

Writers: Nathan Bryon & Tom Melia

A returnable comedy drama TV series (from the creator and writer of Sky’s Bloods and the critically acclaimed Rye Lane – BBC Films / Searchlight) about a group of twenty-somethings traversing the tricky terrain of almost adulthood. At the centre of the gang are Jordan and Karla, the matriarch and patriarch. The glue. And now they’re breaking up…

Film: Underground

Writer/Director: Eros Vlahos

Underground is a comedy horror feature film about an alien invasion set on the London Underground. In the midst of a rapidly changing London, where profit and division has replaced community and good will, Eros Vlahos’s ambitious and fun debut feature questions who are the real invaders.


Hughie Phillips

Hughie is one of the founders of MindsEye where he has brought together some of the top names in performance and comedy directing talent in the UK including Ben Taylor (Sex Education, Catastrophe), Benjamin Green (Carpool Karaoke, Idiot Abroad), Kate Herron (Sex Education, Loki) and Andrew Gaynord (Detroiters, Haters Back Off, All My Friends Hate Me). Hughie is known for nurturing new directing talent and developing them into established, industry names. MindsEye’s work has been recognised everywhere from BAFTA to Cannes Lions.

Working alongside Katie Mavroleon in the Film & TV division, Hughie will work with the best writing, directing and acting talent to deliver compelling and unique stories to the world.

Katie Mavroleon

Katie’s background as a scripted Comedy and Drama producer has seen her work across television and feature film projects throughout all phases of development and production.

Producing work includes Ricky Gervais’s feature David Brent: Life on the Road for Entertainment One and BBC Films, and producing the critically acclaimed comedy series Bucket for BBC4 starring Miriam Margolyes.

Katie has worked in feature development with Warp Films and Film 4, and has produced a number of award-winning short films by new and existing talent screened at the BFI London Film Festival, amongst others.

As Head of Development for MindsEye’s Film & TV division, Katie will oversee the development of all upcoming Film & TV projects as well as discovering and nurturing emerging talent.