Welcome Eros Vlahos

We are delighted to welcome director Eros Vlahos to our roster of directors. 

Eros started out doing stand up comedy as a child, selling out his solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival before retiring at the ripe age of 12. He then went into acting, performing in films and TV shows such as Skellig, Nanny McPhee and Game Of Thrones. 

Influenced and nurtured by talent like Emma Thompson and Joe Wright his interest moved to screenwriting, and soon after, directing. 

Fusing a particular aesthetic style with visual comedy and intricate writing, Eros has developed an iconic brand of filmmaking that has been lauded by critics (his mum) as ‘above- average.’ Both of his most recent short films are being developed into feature films; 'Right Place, Wrong Tim' starring Asa Butterfield (Sex Education) which premiered at SXSW 2019 and 'Double Tap' which premiered at SXSW 2020.

We had a quick chat with Eros on all things filmmaking:

MindsEye: You had an early start (and retirement at age 12) in standup comedy, how did that happen?

Eros: It was a complete accident, like my conception. A young comedian called James Campbell had just started a comedy club for kids, I was sent there by my parents in the vague hope I’d get all of my fantastic jokes out of my system there and not in the classroom. Surprising everyone involved, it worked, and James thought it would be fun to put kids on stage in a mini-stand up show. A natural born narcissist, I volunteered and I somehow ended up at the Edinburgh Fringe a few years later with my own solo show.

MindsEye: What made you decide to jump into filmmaking?

Eros:  I’d always written scripts, but never really thought about jumping behind the camera. Then I had this idea about a poo that wouldn’t flush. Nobody else would agree to direct the short about a poo that wouldn’t flush so I stepped up. Anyway, it turned out I was actually pretty good at directing. So good in fact, that short about a poo premiered at Paris film festival, much to my surprise, and presumably the audiences.

MindsEye: You have an unlimited budget and creative freedom, what do you make?

Eros: Cats.

MindsEye: Both of your recent shorts have premiered at SXSW, what's your secret?

Eros: So the first time I got in, with 'Right Place, Wrong Tim', nobody on the production team even knew I submitted. I went rogue. I didn’t think we had a hope in hell, but I submitted and offered them my first born and begged that they consider it until eventually the programmers told me to stop emailing. Then they accepted the film.

MindsEye: Can you tell us how 'Double Tap' came about?

Eros: I spent a lot of time thinking about my generation, how our lives are affected by social media and the lasting impacts it might have on our collective mental health. But then I decided to write a film about a troll with no dick instead.

MindsEye: Any standout reviews or comments on the film?

Eros: By far the most positive review of 'Double Tap' was "I can’t help you," which is what my therapist said when she saw it.

MindsEye: Any advice for a production company about to start working with you?

Eros: Never give up, keep doing what you’re doing, and eventually something will work out for you.

MindsEye: Thank you Eros.