Zite and Léo join MindsEye

We are excited to welcome Zite and Léo to our MindsEye roster. 

Zite and Léo are a French directing duo, specialising in what they describe as ‘somewhere between ‘poetic comedies’ and ‘fantastic fables.’’ The pair met on set whilst Zite was working as a production designer and Léo a director. They found brainstorming together came naturally, and soon began bringing their imaginative ideas to fruition in a series of handcrafted, colourful films.

The pair love creating fabricated worlds, distinct from reality, but keep their methods grounded. They love the classic methods, working as much in-camera as possible, shooting on film and working with a wide range of talented craftsmen, from illustrators to costume designers, so that everything that appears on screen is uniquely their own. They cite a diverse range of influences, from Tim Burton to Federico Fellini to Terry Gilliam to Spielberg. If you ever wondered what the unique blend of those filmmakers would look like, here you are. 

Playing above: Euphories 'Vidéoclub'

Follow the link for the duo's full reel: