This is EyeCandy. It’s a home for big industry names, before they’ve become big industry names. These directors make music videos, commercials, short films, social content and everything in between.

Exciting times for the directors at MindsEye, as Thomas Ormonde and Henry Oliver are recognised for recent work. 

Thomas Ormonde has received 3 Kinsale Shark Nominations – Best Use of Humour; Leisure, Entertainment and Gaming; and Best Campaign Using 3 or More Formats – for his ‘Laugh Through it with Audible’ campaign, produced for Fold7.

Meanwhile Henry Oliver has been nominated for the UKMVA in the Best Newcomer – Hip hop/rap category, for his music video for ‘Let’s Go’ by BiG HEATH. 

Our directors have also received nominations at the Young Arrows. Eros Vlahos’ series of comedy horror shorts for Quickbooks have picked up 2 nominations, and David Holmes Williams sugar-toothed sci-fi odyssey for Candy Crush received one. 

Congratulations to our directors! And good luck! 

Audible — The Breakdown



QuickBooks — Tax Deadline Delirium!

Eros V

Candy Crush — The Movie

Dylan Holmes Williams