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We’re celebrating Halloween by revisiting our director’s most terrifying work!

A phallic zombie sketch from Ben Taylor’s days on Cardinal Burns; a short film from MindsEye’s master of (comedy) horror, Eros Vlahos, which you NEED to share with friends, or else face the wrath of the dickless goblin; an extract from Dylan Holmes Williams work, directing for horror hero THE M. Night Shyamalan on his show ‘the Servant’; some properly terrifying last-min halloween costume suggestions from Thomas Ormonde; and another campfire tale from Eros Vlahos, peeking through his fingers at one of the most terrifying things known to man – accounting (for Quickbooks). Then finally the perfect Halloween flick, Andrew Gaynord’s debut feature ‘All My Friends Hate Me’ – ‘one of 2022’s most gripping features’ according to GQ. ‘Has the tension of a great horror movie’ according to the LA times. ‘Very scary and funny’ according to us. 

So, turn out the lights, take a sip from a pumpkin latte, stick your face in a bucket of apples and enjoy a spooky offering from the MindsEye team. Happy Halloween!

Cardinal Burns — Zombie

Ben Taylor

Double Tap

Eros V

The Servant — Things Go Wrong

Dylan Holmes Williams

Mother — Halloween Costumes

QuickBooks — Curse of the Missing Files!

Eros V

All My Friends Hate Me (Trailer)

Andrew Gaynord