Plant Apothecary by Sage Bennett

‘Be a Positive Force of Nature’ is the newest work from Sage Bennet for Plant Apothecary. 

The film, made by Playbook Studio, shows us a diverse range of women, each one rejuvenated and energised by embracing the natural world and mantra of Plant Apothecary. It captures their sensory experience, their hands running through cool streams, the heat of the sun on their skin, the feeling of lying in a bed of long, untamed grass. Their joy is captivating, infectious and carefree. 

Sage and cinematographer Sidney Unga emphasise this revitalising relationship with nature by shooting water, plants, wind and light intimately, in a way that makes them present and tangible.  

As we reluctantly move into Winter, this spot is a burst of Summer warmth and nostalgia we’ll all feel grateful for. 

Press play on the film above or for more of Sage's work visit her reel on the link below: